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سراير حديد (فورجيه)

سراير حديد شديده

سراير حديد فورجيه
.9005 Ferforje Yatak ve komidin
سراير مشغولات حديديه
9007 Ferforje yatak ve komidin
سراير تحفه وتصميمات
9006 Ferforje yatak ve komidin.

9008 Ferforje yatak ve komidin.

9009 Ferforje cibindirikli yatak ve komidin.

9010 Ferforje yatak ve komidin.
.سراير حديد تحفه
There is a curtain above the bed which matches the color of the lower bedspread and it was stuffed inside the curtain rod without rings. Then it was tucked in order to get elegant ruffles and consists of three pieces.

That curtain is made of the white and yellow chiffon which matches light yellow bedspread and it is spread in a fine and elegant way.

As for this curtain it is made up of white fabrics and some of it is made of white chiffon. Do not forget to put into consideration that the curtains should always match the bedspread and the curtain here was put on the rods without being tucked.

Look how beautiful this curtain is. It is made of fine off-white chiffon and in the sides there are hangers for the curtains in order to complete the beauty and the elegancy of the curtains.

سراير حديد فورجيه جديده
The green chiffon was put on the front side of the bed in such beautiful and fine way without being tucked with hanging tassels which was placed above the chiffon in such a fine way.

This curtain is closed completely from the front side of the bed and it is open from both sides.

Here it was made in a simple and elegant way from the white chiffon and it can be closed or opened.

Look how beautiful are the blue colors when blended with the white color and how they match the blue bedspread and a new beautiful way for twisting the chiffon over the bed from the front side.

I liked that curtain so much; it is made of distinctive dark blue with the soft white color
The curtains are closed from both sides and open from the front side and there is also a beautiful and fine light blue and orange curtain which was put in the front side and the back side while the two sides were left empty. You can put in your consideration when you buy each bedspread to buy for it a curtain that matches its color.

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