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?What to do if you decide to become a Muslim

What to do if you decide to become a Muslim?
The beginning we would like to congratulate you for this courageous decision, which is truly the most important decision in your life This moment in which it decided to hand over to God, Lord of the Worlds is a real moment of your birth ... Is the moment where liberated from the worship of God who slandered the lies and distorted the religion of Christ and follow their desires to worship the true God ..

And you now have become the religion of Mohammed and Jesus, peace be upon them both, know that the greatest blessing God Onamha you is that enabled you to embrace Islam, make sure you can improve upon them and thank God I know that this blessing is not matched Kfattk whatever other grace in order to preserve them is going after every calamity calamity debt easy

The first thing you should do after the adoption of this resolution, as you know - that you were not so already - is say prayers, your tongue and your heart says: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. You now have become a Muslim congratulate you Islam. The meaning of the word you see that there is god but Him Almighty must abandon all worship only God and worship is the name of each collector what Allaah loves of the acts and words, both outward and inward worship of Allaah and it means to be what you mean and direct you in all your prayer and Ebadatk and Mnajatk but and all your life to God alone and you leave what you are calling without him before and supplies (there is no god but God) to believe that the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon the Messenger of God and the Spirit which God created a miracle of the divine mother and father without a human like the rest of the prophets and messengers had been lifted God to heaven and will descend to earth before the Day of Resurrection again and then you will prevail in peace and frequent the pond and raise the hatred and rancor and not remain the religion of Islam is the religion and then die like other human beings and Muslims pray for him, and Idvnnouna The Holy Spirit is Jibril, peace be upon him a king cream of the best angels revealed God's inspiration and support to the prophets and messengers, and supplies for reunification also believe that God alone is the disposer of all things in the universe and make all Toklk him alone and Khchitk him alone, and your hope in Him alone, and denies him the ideals and child-like and God is not nothing like Him, seeing and hearing and love what God loves and hate what God hates The second part of the certificate is the faith that Muhammad peace be upon him, Abdullah and His Messenger, and it is human beings, like other human beings - it is the best people - chosen by God and the revelation of his letter to the public and revealed the Koran in detail what was before him of books and a dominant and it was revealed the approach of life for all people until the Day of Resurrection, bringing the Prophet's message of his Lord to the people and advised them to Attah certainty and passed away the Lord of the Worlds, and faith in the Prophet peace be upon him include the ratification in all told and obey what you can in everything and love is more than yourself and your children, and arbitration enacted in the various aspects of life and satisfaction of his government in the small things and small, and faith in God and the Prophet peace be upon him requires faith in the book revealed by God to His Messenger, the Quran must be secured that the Qur'an is the Word of God and His Messenger Oouhah to all that is right and that God saved his ability of distortion The change has made a miracle for the people he says: "Tell met while mankind and the jinn to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they for some hinterland"

Bntqk certificate have been cleared from your heart Odran Orwasb trinity polytheism and idolatry and anthropomorphism and gather physical purity to moral purity you need to wash your body with water and all Ottodo and then be ready to rush to God in prayer and reading the Koran.

I know my brother Karim you from this moment on it became an obligation for you what should be for Muslims all over the earth to do Balafraid and avoid taboos and the most important obligation is the most important standardization so what you should know is the right doctrine and the first reading of books is the Book of Allah - the Quran - make sure that it draws What tells Zmok and that you have received a fixed (ie, a certain number of verses or pages) per day and read the Koran was in danger take you that you really know your Islam with your family, you can read from your computer and return to a brief explanation of the Qur'an such as the interpretation Jalalayn and good books read the book start with a general definition of the religion of Islam Sheikh Tantawi on God's mercy.

The second thing that you should have learned my brother was the beloved pillars of Islam, whose efforts have made slavery to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and now you've actually performing the first pillar is the testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah is the rest of the staff performance and establish regular prayer and fasting during Ramadan Zakat and Hajj if you are able to. And you can learn all of these sentences from the Internet .. Note that you also need to learn the rules of purity which are not valid and that the only prayer I was able to learn the provisions of prayer and ablution in a process of one of your friends as well as Muslims read in the book is better and I know that Islam erases all sins before you have now opened a beautiful white try not to being desecrated by committing sins.

Now that you corrected the most important aspects of your life and are part of belief and worship like to draw your eyes to things ten

First: If you are resolved to enter into Islam, but you postpone the testimony until the speech preparing the right atmosphere or end some of the problems or get rid of some bad habits forbidden in Islam, comes the opportunity for the appreciation you made a mistake to believe in the right immediately and take the opportunity of your life and bring Islam and face some small problems better for you than to remain on the wrong waiting for the right opportunity comes to be a Muslim and that the sinner is better for you to be an infidel and you can not guarantee your life may Valfrsp Jaetk and time to get into the actual in Islam, and say prayers, now is as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

Second: Do not wait for Sun to tell you that you have chosen the correct religion, but as you have chosen Islam for yourself, expect to be feeling that you choose the right debt stems from you .. Reassurance that you find in your heart, while the remembrance of God .. Of inner happiness which Stgmrk while kneel and prostrate to Allah, Lord of the Worlds .. Of serenity that you will feel it in your soul .. of satisfaction and pleasure that you have found an integrated approach which should go in your life.

Third: It is natural that human being in the first period for some of the tests from God, which produce human sincerely request the right has increased his faith and his belief and increased Ola of God and in whose heart disease, it drops sedition, and this kind of scrutiny and screening of the believers "or purify God those who believe and destroy the disbelievers "

Fourth: The most precious rights have religion and religion is more precious than your flesh and blood and the safety of religion does not modify anything, you should be prepared for any reaction coming from those close to you, if exposed to temptation in religion Vathbt O slave of Allah and Aptg reward from Allah, and I had to choose between religion and anything Whatever the pleasures of this world do not affect anything Rome was religion and religion does not compensate him instead of the minimum transient and religion remains, although subjected to abuse and then be patient Astabr Remember the words of the Prophet peace be upon him (what gave one anything better than patience and) Valozy however long it will end one day and which relegates religion You should make a lot of prayer and supplication to God to reveal to you a special injury time just before dawn before dawn is close to answer prayer if compelled advocates. He says, "and if he asks me, I Ebadi call is answered supplication of the supplicant if the whisperings leaving his things they usher in" If, God forbid you be in God is the land of the wisest and most merciful of judges and spent the insured all good, and mercy.

Fifth: Make sure to conceal your Islam at the outset for your family so you can understand Islam properly understood until he proves faith in your heart and have formed a new social relations with your Muslim brothers to you then God's will and ability to withstand any problem you may encounter and even God makes a way out Remember that Prophet peace be upon him under the call of Islam in Mecca in secret three years and this period will also make the parents notice a positive change wrought by Islam you of good character and obedience to parents and excellence in the study, making them more receptive when you tell them Bislamk sure to be a good example for the Muslim committed and I know that Islam is a religion of ease indigestion and necessity knows no law which I had the order to conceal your religion in the first period to do some things prohibited there is nothing wrong It is permissible to you when you need is to collect Slatyn and performance together at one time if they can not perform each and every one unit They Slata Asr at the time of any of them and Maghrib and Isha at the time of any of them but not able to do in the prayer you can pray sitting but could not kneel and bow your head, you can Tomii if not, Fbremc Forum if you can not Vbakbak Kzlm permissible for you and, when necessary, to ease your tongue to utter the word kufr and uniformity in your heart as it did when Ammar bin Yasir polytheists hate to insult the Prophet said to him, the Prophet peace be upon him: how to find your heart? He said: peace with his faith, said: "The returned Fd.

Sixth: If you can not maintain your Islam in your country or afraid of sedition in religion Valenjap survive and I know that the land of God and of the wide and leave something for the sake of Allaah, he thought about all the possible options and come out of your religion to another country and a new place to take the reward of Islam and the reward for Migration ( and migrate in order to find God in the land Mre_me much capacity) and remember that the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions had left Mecca and home to God I love the country and migrated to a new country to their religion the Almighty said, "and who emigrated in God after they have been wronged to Nboinhm good in this world and the reward Hereafter, more if they knew "be taken out to a country other than your country and the people Tell your story and will sympathize with you, God willing, Iwonk the public sympathize with the new Muslims.

VII: Try to gain trust in them Muslim friends and merged with them, whether at your work, study or in a mosque near you understand your brothers will not keep quiet for help if you need them a few days and one's own, although many of his brothers did not find The Internet allows you to gain Muslim friends from all over the Earth through forums and Islamic sites and e-mail groups you just attempt and you will be satisfied with what God willing, it is useful to be in constant contact with one of close friends to catch up on your news and reassure you go to act quickly if any harm befalls you.

Eighth: worked hard in the first period of Islam, an increase of faith - faith increases and decreases - and recommend reform of yourself and your faith particularly before Tstaln Bislamk by reading the Koran and reading books and listening to the lessons and lectures, all available on the Internet you are now in a period of strength and vigor and enthusiasm to learn garish seize the new religion of this the busy period and from engaging in discussions and debates may not even Tnfk strengthen your faith helped you is high, many people argue with falsehood or argue without any willingness to accept the truth and try to apply what you learn, and I know that the religion of Allah solid Voogl which gently and you will discover the greatness of this religion the more deepened it and tried to focus on public assets for the law not only read, but if you are able to commit an old man or a reliable person of good character and religious knowledge of Islam and to serve as a guide and you inherit the ethics of Islam not provided yourself strides and I know that God's religion is a religion of common sense never is not inconsistent with instinct is the correct approach is full of life and not just practice walking as he walked learned applied the Almighty said, "We have made the Koran said Will remembereth" and committed approach of the Sunnis and be careful not to Taatlagafk a difference, although there are many deviant senior something or you have some hidden features of religion which rushed to search and ask the people of the deep knowledge Valsahabp used to ask the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in all that view them, and God says in his book: "Ask the people of Remembrance if you do not know," such as the home to Islam from Judaism and Christianity is like a man moved from his country that is ill - and injustice to the city pretty impressive full-service all of the rights and wishes her family are good people often, but like other human beings including the lack of Talhp .. Find the man himself was fascinated by the architecture and to build up this city where he traveled as known by the more he wants to become familiar with all aspects in one night and this is not possible, and if he recalls his old country feel, if not what he now sees in this great city In it only the names of buildings, but not such buildings and facilities, but there is great difference between them and the new city and the people of his country's most rebellious and the old and the people of this city, most of them are good safe, including himself and his wealth, honor, and lives among them in peace and harmony and that if a person walked alone in this city wide, multi-pathway may get lost and must have the assistance of its people who trusted know the entrances and exits may try the old people of his city, to induce him to return to them, they would find it of benefit out of it, but crying to the moon .. Or after having tasted life?!

IX: I know that Islam does not prevent you to honor relatives who had remained on their faith, especially your parents understanding of the people is good Sahapetk and have preferred to you, Islam does not deny the credit to the people of virtue and tell your parents you're still their son and your relationship with them will be the same or better than ever before, but that Omraksin, do not obey them not obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator. He says, "but they strive to involve me what you have no knowledge do not obey them and behave with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of him who turns to then have to your return I shall tell you what ye do"

Tenth: If your Islam officially declared Olzimtk authorities of your country to attend the priests of your discussion with the issue of being Muslim Vathbt and trust in God and I know that God has guided you to faith alone is able to demonstrate faith in your heart more than prayer and supplication to God and you read the verses that speak of Christ peace and Christians and recount them in this meeting and they will remember you fabricate lies and falsehoods about Islam and maybe you recall examples of fabricated for people who converted to Islam and wore - it has lied so often before - be prepared to all but fought with you in the things you are not aware of it and more than Tjbhm remembrance of Allah and recitation of verses of the Koran

It remains to offer some tips for specific situations of people do not leave their rights in the mostly

If you are head of the family, know that your family in your neck of the secretariat should be thanking the grace of God that has guided you to Islam to provide them with Islam in the best picture. Almighty God said: "O you who believe in yourselves and your families against a Fire whose fuel is men and stones," As your children inherited your Christianity struggled to grain them Islam and Trgbhm it and start your children to love the heart and Otuahm you and not a secret at the outset, as well as the wife but refused to stay debt, know that Islam is not telling you to divorce that they are Jewish or Christian, but you can keep it in fact taken, as well as your children there is nothing wrong to spend on them and Tbarham that remained of their religion does not prevent them from performing their religion or go to the church is not compulsion in religion, but if you are afraid of your family for yourself or think that staying with them is a temptation to you cause you stoked for what you can not afford to escape to your religion Valenjap He says: "O you who believe that the wives and your children are your enemy but beware of them pardon and forgive the Browse and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful"

If you're my sister a decent housewife So try as well as with your children to your heart and your husband gradually and not so indirectly if him speak, at first about the hieroglyphs, ambiguities in the christian priests unable to understand themselves, and on the virtues of Islam and so on until shar'i Bislamk gradually adhere to the Father except religion Vokbreh that this parting between you and him, because Islam does not allow you to stay with a husband who is not Muslim - and God in this great wisdom - Remember that once you are logged on Islam bans that allow it to yourself and only you to see what he sees as strange As I do not mind your children to keep contact them after they leave your house if your husband was able to Tstahbi some of them to be with you in your new life was the best and if you Vaalmi Egypt Egyptian law to ensure custody of the children who are without a Blog for a Muslim parent and you can use one of your friends to manage the Muslim new housing or in the search for Muslim husbandvalid. Remember that your parents or your husband's family may invent tendentious rumors about you, as happened with many women do not mind her testimony, malicious and remember God's words: "God defends those who believe."

But if you're a girl and you live with your family So try to keep this matter in the beginning of the period to strengthen your faith and grow stronger until you find a husband or a Muslim Tkmli your career in life with no sin on you if I had to shorten some of the assumptions in the Islamic veils if that Siardk the hated your family or civil strife in the Dink until God makes a way out ..The science of Bislamk your family and you have exercised pressure to bounce Valenjap survive .. You can use any of your Muslim sisters or go to any Muslim charity and asked them for help but did not do any good unless an orphanage to live in. that God makes a way out ... In general, marriage for a Muslim husband - even if he was married - will put an end to many of the problems, God willing, I do not mind if I saw him a Muslim and I felt good and righteous, there is nothing wrong with my exposure to marry you or ask him to your query you about your husband and asking for guidance before embarking on any order insignificant.

If you are a young child and explain your heart to God Islam Vousik very careful and keep this matter even your mother grow up a bit and you'll save the Qur'an and make it Onesc in Khalotk The flag of a Bislamk thy Dink although I had to do what you want visible and reassuring faith in your heart there is nothing wrong if you Qatek your family, know that God has giving you better than your father's father is the messenger of God peace be upon him and mothers Vdilyat better than your mother Mothers of the Believers are wives of the Prophet peace be upon him and the brothers better than your brothers are all believers do not grieve you, baby I'm not the first child of God to guide him the right of the labors for him, although I had to get out of the house of your father to escape to your religion, know that God is with you and will not forsake you go to the house of God (mosques) and Ttosm Tell your story is that which is good or ask for help from a friend of Muslims

But if you're a young adult, you are able, God willing, on independence from your family and you can hardly operate in order to spend on yourself and do not demean any of you live in a safe atmosphere of discord Vnbe David was God's silence and the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad is tending sheep in the Mecca will not execute a place in which were found God willing, even in the mosque or the people who live with them The people of many good and certainty that God will make after hardship, "Say: O worshipers who believe, fear your Lord, for those who do good in this world, good and broad land of God but those who are patient their reward without account"

Finally, if you're a monk or a priest or bishop or deacon in the church of God and guided the religion of truth, congratulations you are logged in the verse: "So that their priests and monks and they are not proud. If you heard what was revealed to the Prophet see their eyes overflowing with tears, which knew of the right to say: Our Lord Vaketbna safe with the witnesses. and we do not believe in God what comes from the right and tempted our Lord to admit us to the righteous along with the people "and make sure my brother Karim to be an imam to do good as you would an imam in evil before, and worked hard in calling Islam" Outpour of Science and the Quran and Sunnah as much as you can to stop

فرفش كده وظقطط
عارف ليه
انته الزائر رقم

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