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اغرب سراير الخشب


This wonderful Crazy Horse Free Form Bed will adorn any bedroom with adventure and rustic elegance for years to come. Each bed is a one-of-a-kind art piece sure to bring years of enjoyment. The Crazy Horse Free Form Bed is available in all sizes ranging from Twin to California King, and several additional add-on options are also available for this truly unique bed.

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High Posts Option: This option increases the bed post height on each of the bed’s corners. Not pictured above, but similar to the canopy option pictured excluding the top supports.
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سراير خشب
Double Side Rails Option: Addition of a second log rail running lengthwise down the side of the bed including the lattice pieces, as pictured on the Silver Creek Bed in the alternate images above.

Canopy Option: Addition of a full canopy to the bed including top rails, as pictured on the Homestead Bed in the alternate images above.

Built-In Bench Option: Addition of a built-in bed bench with arms to the foot of the bed. Not pictured above, but the built in bed bench is similar to BENB in the ‘Benches & Chairs’ category.Crazy Horse Free Form Bed » image 4

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